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Tips for applying

Apprentices and Trainees Queensland is an equal opportunity employer and our recruitment, selection process and procedures are based on the principles of equity and merit.

Preparing Your Application 

Does your application have:

  • A brief covering letter including statements addressing the selection criteria.

  • A resume which outline relevant personal information and career history/work experience.

  • Copies of school results and Identification documents.

Your Cover Letter

As a ​general guideline, the covering letter should state the name of the position and where the advertisement appeared and the date it appeared in the first paragraph. Also state your interest in the job and in broad terms your suitability for it.

Your Resume

This is a brief summary of personal details, education, qualifications, work experience and referees.

Personal Details - Name, Address, Phone and Email.

Educational Background - Schooling and level of completion, University Studies, Training Courses (certificates and other qualifications attained).

Work History - Any Paid and Unpaid Work and Experience completed. State the employers name, your position title, dates of employment and key duties/work tasks.

Referees - Name and phone number of any two referees who can provide feedback on character, work experiences and performance.

Your Documents

Provide where possible copies of any certificates including your certificate of education if applicable. Also any training course certificates and cards and identification documents such as a Drivers Licence.

Our Selection Process

1. Short Listing

We shortlist applicants based on how well they satisfy the Selection Criteria stated on the job application. We look at all aspects of the application and any prior work experiences and training completed.

2. Short Listing Process Includes:

  • Written Applications

  • Referee Checks 

  • Telephone interview (where applicable)

  • Aptitude testing 

  • Structured interviews with specific questions relating to selection criteria 

  • Scenario questions in interviews. Panel will give realistic scenario and ask applicant what they would do in a similar situation.

3. Referee Checks 

Each candidate needs to provide a minimum of 2 referees who can comment directly on the candidate's ability in a work situation or work ethics. It is a good idea to notify all references that you have applied for a position with us and to expect a call to prevent any delays in your application. 

4. Outcome

Applicants will be advised in writing of the outcome of the selection process. Additionally, telephone contact will be made with all interviewed candidates. Unsuccessful applicants may contact Apprentices and Trainees Queensland to obtain feedback on their application and interview if applicable. 

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