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Hiring an apprentice or trainee with ATQLD is simple.

We create a flexible arrangement that works for you.

information for host employers



ATQLD have professional partnerships with Australian Apprentice Support networks (AASN) enabling us to service both State and National Clients. 

The AASN is responsible for the registration of the Apprentice's indentures and training contract.

Recruitment Service

ATQLD can provide specialised recruitment services to assist in the selection of candidates. 

Areas of ATQLD's expertise and recourses that may be utilised include:

  • Assisting in preparation of advertising

  • Summarise and collect employee information to you

  • Advertising on the ATQLD webpage, ATQLD Facebook page and SEEK included in fee

  • Short listing of applications considering client criteria

  • Organise and undertake aptitude testing

  • Organise and be part of the interview process

  • Advise both the successful and unsuccessful applicants in writing 

If the Client opts to enter into a contract with ATQLD to Host the Trainees or Apprentices, there will not be any charge for recruitment.


ATQLD will organise and attend to all processes and documentation relating to Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) at commencement of Apprenticeship/Traineeship. ATQLD will tailor contents of each Apprentice and/or Trainee's Training Plan in conjunction with the Registered Training Organisation (RTO).


ATQLD can provide advice to Employer regarding contents of each Apprentice and/or Trainee's Training Plan in conjunction with the RTO.

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Monitoring and Mentoring

All ATQLD Apprentices and Trainees will be allocated a dedicated Field Officer who will be their point of contact throughout their Apprenticeship/ Traineeship. The Field Officer will:


  • Arrange required off the job training with the Supervising Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and notify the Host accordingly

  • Monitor the progress, training and performance of the Apprentices and Trainees in conjunction with RTO, Workplace Training Officer and Host representatives

  • Make regular, recorded contact with Apprentice/Trainee with a target not exceeding 8 weeks between visits - conduct written performance appraisals involving workplace Supervisors

  • Present to the Host the six to eight weekly appraisals, progress and status reports, in a timely manner

  • Conduct regular Training Record Book inspections and train/advise Apprentices and Trainees in its use

  • Advise the Host on training needs both on and off the job

  • Advise the Host's representatives of any concerns regarding the performance of the Apprentices or Trainees

  • Identify training shortcomings with the Host Employer workplace, advise Employer accordingly and discuss possible rotation/work experience to external organisations to rectify issue (possible skills audit/workplace assessment by ATQ at commencement of contract to identify any potential problem areas)

  • Arrange work experience/rotation at another workplace to address areas where competence is unable to be achieved with Host Employer

  • Advise Employer of current legislative and/or regulatory requirements which affect Apprentices and Trainees and notify Employer of changes

Counselling & Discipline

Quality Assurance

  • ATQLD has current certification for ISO 9001:2015 - Developing and managing employment and training of apprentices and trainees

  • ATQLD has current certification for ISO 45001:2018 - Developing and managing employment and training of apprentices and trainees

  • ATQLD is compliant with the National Standards for Group Training Organisations

  • ATQLD has current public liability insurance and a WorkCover Certificate of Currency

  • All field officers and other staff, as required, possess a current Working with Children Blue Card

  • ATQLD will provide counselling to Apprentices and Trainees regarding training related issues on an informal basis and notify employer as required

  • Disciplinary measures will be the compatible with the Host's policy ranging from verbal cautions to written disciplinary notices. Failure of the apprentice or trainee to make adequate progress or failure to maintain training records will involve the intervention of the RTO and the state training authority

ATQLD Management Fee Does Not Include 

  • Apprentice/Trainee RTO Tuition fees and User Choice rebates

  • Protective clothing

  • Any costs for additional items requested by the customer (e.g. Medicals, Police clearance, uniforms, training outside of the training plan etc.) will be charged back to the Host.

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