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Apprenticeship Pathways

Apprentices and Trainees Queensland endeavour to find and place people of all ages in Apprenticeships and Traineeships without costs being incurred by the Trainee or Apprentice.


There are a lot of different pathways within the automotive industry for those wishing to make a career out of their problem-solving skills and love of working with their hands.  Apprenticeships exist in Light Vehicle, Motorcycle & Marine Mechanics along with Panel Beating and Vehicle Painting. The nominal term for an apprenticeship in the automotive industry is 4 years.

Building and Construction

Apprenticeships within the Building & Construction Industry give apprentices the opportunity to learn theory & practical skills in roles such as bricklaying, carpentry, cabinet making, painting, plumbing, tiling, plant operator and many more. The building & construction industry is physical work and suits people who enjoy manual skills and logical thinking.  Nominal terms are usually 4 years.


An electrical apprenticeship enables apprentices to achieve relevant industry skills to install & maintain electrical components, wiring, equipment and systems. There are also opportunities to work in specialised areas of the electrical industry. The average duration of an apprenticeship is a nominal term of 4 years. A dual trade of Electrical & Instrumentation is a nominal term of 5 years.


An apprenticeship in this exciting and diverse industry allows you to pursue a wide range of careers. There are apprenticeships in Boilermaking – working with heavy gauge steel, cutting, shaping, assembling & welding. Fitting & Turning – setting up machinery to manufacture engineering products, repair and replacement of components, install and maintain plant and machinery. Diesel Fitter – repair and maintenance of diesel engines. Nominal term is 4 years.


During a hairdressing apprenticeship, you will learn skills such as hair colouring, cuts and styling and treatments for both men and women. There are multiple opportunities available after completing a hairdressing apprenticeship. Some career paths could be as a salon owner/manager, product consultant, colouring specialist and Salon assistant. The nominal term for a Cert III in Hairdressing is 3 years and there are minimal requirements needed to begin this apprenticeship.

Catering Operations

This apprenticeship will give you knowledge and skills required to work as a cook in various catering services. Work would be undertaken in hospitals and aged care facilities, sporting and entertaining venues and hotel banqueting departments. Cert III in Catering Operations is a nominal term of 4 years.

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