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job pathways centre - engineering opening 2023

On behalf of Apprentices and Trainees Queensland’s Management and Board, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude for EQIP’s generosity in donating their equipment. This contribution is greatly appreciated and will significantly enhance the training of school-based trainees.

The generous donation of tools and equipment from the EQIP Board, led by James Robertson, significantly improved the program, allowing students to enhance their skills, knowledge and ability on industrial-quality equipment without waiting times.

"As the Mayor of Gladstone Region, I've always been proud of our community's dedication to education and skill development. The opening of this engineering training workshop is a testament to that commitment. Through this initiative, we're not just training students; we're laying the foundation for a brighter, more skilled future for Gladstone. I am grateful to everyone involved in making this vision a reality and ensuring our youth have access to world-class training right here at home." GRC Mayor Matt Burnett

The program began after discussions with Axial Training to offer a school-based certificate II in engineering. Initially, the goal was to accommodate twelve students with one class per week. However, due to overwhelming interest from local high schools, the program expanded to three days per week, with over sixty students undertaking engineering or automotive qualifications in the first year. Currently, over one hundred students attend weekly for a Certificate II in Engineering or Automotive.

The school-based training program offers practical training and hands-on experience in Engineering and Automotive industries to local students. It equips them with essential skills and knowledge for successful future employment or further education. Moreover, the program benefits businesses by providing a reliable pipeline of skilled workers, fulfilling their future workforce needs.

"Investing in the youth of our community means investing in our future. The equipment donated by EQIP is more than just tools; it symbolises opportunities, growth, and commitment to ensuring that every student gets the best possible start in their engineering journey. At Apprentices and Trainees Queensland, we believe that hands-on training is paramount, and I'm genuinely excited to see what the next generation of engineers from Gladstone will achieve." CEO, Michael Walz.

From its humble beginnings, the program has grown to meet the needs of the Gladstone community, thanks to the support and donations, empowering young individuals with valuable skills and knowledge for their future careers.

We extend heartfelt thanks to all who made the opening of our engineering training workshop in Gladstone possible: Gladstone Regional Council Mayor – Matt Burnett, Gladstone Regional Councillors – Kahn Goodluck, Chris Cameron, and Rick Hansen, ATQLD’s Board member – Pauline Kelly,  President of the EQIPs Board - James Robertson, EQIP Board Members – Chirs Cameron, Rob Gibb, Charmaine Bennett, Nicole Henry, Chantale Lane, Nicole Allison, and David Voss, Axial Staff – Justin Woodrow and Kylee Rumpf, ATQLD Staff, Students and Business Leaders. Your support has made a significant impact, and we're excited about the future possibilities this workshop brings to the Gladstone community.

Thank you!


EQIP Board - Charmaine Bennett, Chantale Lane, Nicole Allison, David Voss, Nicole Henry, James Robertson, Michael Walz, Gaetana Chiffoleau

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