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apprentices and trainees Queensland hosts exciting educational excursion for students as part of the feed our future project

Rockhampton, Queensland - March 31, 2023 - Apprentices and Trainees Queensland (ATQLD), in collaboration with Queensland Workforce Network (QAWN) and Advanced Rockhampton, organised an exciting and informative excursion on Thursday, March 30, 2023. The event provided students with valuable insights into Rural Funds Management's Macadamia Farm operations and an exclusive tour of the Rookwood Weir Project. This excursion is part of the Feed our Future Project, spearheaded by ATQLD and QAWN.

ATQLD's Chairman, David Grenfell, and Field Officer Kimberly Campbell were thrilled to play a part in making the day a success and witnessing the advantages it brought to the participating students. QAWN's Agriculture Workforce Officer for Central Queensland, Peter Albertson, shared his extensive knowledge with the students throughout the day, fostering an engaging learning experience. Peter emphasised the importance of these projects in broadening the students' education and preparing them for their future careers.

The day's success was made possible through the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders. ATQLD extends its gratitude to Wade Clark and Jamie McKenzie of Advanced Rockhampton, as well as Peter Albertson of QAWN, for their invaluable contributions to the event.

By connecting students with real-world experiences in the agriculture and infrastructure sectors, the Feed our Future Project aims to inspire the next generation of workers and leaders in these critical industries. This excursion is just one example of the many exciting opportunities ATQLD and QAWN continue to provide for students throughout Queensland.

About Apprentices and Trainees Queensland (ATQLD) Apprentices and Trainees Queensland is dedicated to supporting apprentices and trainees in their career development and providing valuable resources and opportunities to succeed. ATQLD works closely with industry partners and educational institutions to create a bright future for the future workforce in Queensland.

About Queensland Workforce Network (QAWN) The Queensland Workforce Network is a collaborative organisation that focuses on workforce planning, development, and engagement to address the needs of Queensland's various industries. QAWN works with businesses, industry associations, and educational institutions to ensure a strong, skilled workforce that drives the state's economic growth and prosperity.

About Advanced Rockhampton Advanced Rockhampton is a government initiative that aims to facilitate economic growth and development in the Rockhampton region. Through strategic partnerships and investments, Advanced Rockhampton supports the growth of local industries, creates employment opportunities, and promotes the region's diverse economic potential.


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