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Skilling Queenslanders for work

Ignite Your Opportunities

Our Skilling Queenslanders for Work, ''Ignite Your Opportunities'' Program is aimed to help people in the community gain valuable work skills and employment. At Apprentices and Trainees Queensland, we have welcomed trainees to complete a certificate I in Workplace Skills (Business) or Construction.

Each intake secures traineeships for up to 10 participants per program where they are placed with not-for-profit community organisations in Central Queensland. Not only is this partnership highly beneficial to trainees through diversity in training as well as networking opportunities for future employment, but it also aids community partners in return. Not-for-profits have welcomed hosting a trainee from ATQLD for 18 weeks, as it gives extra support to their organisation at no extra cost.

The Skilling Queenslanders for Work Initiative is proudly funded by the Queensland Government.

Since 2020, ATQLD has provided a total of 50 jobseekers employment through its Skilling Queenslanders for Work – Work Skills ‘Ignite Your Opportunities’ Program. Between 2020 – 2021 in the program’s first intake, 30 trainees were placed at not-for-profits. Initially, Business and Construction traineeships were offered in Gladstone and then additional Business traineeships in Biloela after. From the program’s success, the second round of funding was secured enabling further Business traineeships in Gladstone and Rockhampton.

Program History

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Watch the video below of our previous programs' success in securing opportunities for job seekers!

Program photos and current projects

2022 SQW Graduates


Port Curtis Historical Society Inc

"To whom it may concern.

Can we just say that your group of trainees that came out to the CALLIOPE RIVER HISTORICAL VILLAGE during February/March this year were really appreciated by us all.

Nothing seemed any trouble for them and they were willing to learn.

Under guidance, they undertook manual tasks ranging from painting, gardening, woodwork (assisting with manufacturing of possum boxes for our resident marsupials), putting together corflute signage, as well as minor mechanical tasks such as maintenance and assisting with fixing our mowers.

Thank you to them all and ATQLD for their assistance"


Mona Oliver



"GAPDL have now had four people through the SQW program and three of our graduates have been successful in finding full-time employment and the other has chosen to become a parent.

We find the program a great pathway for the participants to gain the confidence and skills to become valuable employees. We heartily endorse the program and look forward to helping more people find meaningful employment in the future."


Gus Stedman

Chief Executive Officer

Designer Life

"Designer Life is proud to work in partnership with ATQLD in the delivery of their Skilling Queenslanders for Work program as their training partner. We love seeing the positive impact that the program has within the community. It is also amazing to see how our trainees are able to develop and expand their skills and knowledge while working towards building their careers. We look forward to continuing strengthening our partnership with ATQLD and the employers who host our trainees through the ongoing delivery of this program."


Joel Marschke

Program Director – Skills

2023 SQW Graduates - Gladstone and Rockhampton

2023 SQW Good News Stories

Summer - SQW ROK 23

Last month Capricorn Conservation Council came on board as a new community partner. They were on site with several local conservation groups and had the opportunity to meet one of the trainees Summer Stringer. Sophie George the co-ordinator who heads up the team at Capricorn Conservation Council had the opportunity to work beside Summer. Summer was then offered the opportunity to attend a field trip to Konomie island working alongside CMERC CQUniversity Australia Konomie Island Environmental Education Centre KIEEC P&C and Woppaburra Saltwater Aboriginal Corporation. Summer worked alongside the data collection team they shared knowledge, spent time at the museum, planted and watered trees, nature walks with cultural training and worked together to contribute to the ongoing care and restoration of Konomie Island. This then saw Capricorn Conservation Council request to host Summer for the remainder of her time while completing her SQW traineeship. Summer’s passion, drive and hard work paid off as on completion of her SQW traineeship Capricorn Conservation Council have offered a position to stay on and undergo the next step in her employment pathway as a Certificate III in conservation trainee.

Cheryl - SQW GLT 23

Cheryl Patrick came to Apprentices and Trainees Queensland as a young mother eager to re-enter the workforce which in turn allowing her to boost her self-confidence and gain a skill set to help her on her employment pathway. Cheryl faced a period of unemployment lasting approximately six months trying to break back into the workforce by engaging in various casual sales roles during that time. From the very beginning, Cheryl exhibited remarkable dedication in pursuing her Certificate I in Workplace Skills (Business). Her placement at GCCI provided her with exposure to diverse facets of the business, which she skilfully adapted to. Cheryl quickly became a standout figure in the local business community, thanks to her exceptional work ethic, generating significant interest from businesses affiliated with GCCI. Many expressing a desire to have her join their teams as an employee or trainee. Following her program completion, Cheryl successfully secured a Certificate III in Business traineeship with GTC Financial. Her journey as a trainee in the SQW program has been nothing short of impressive, the program has been instrumental to Cheryl, giving her the skills to start and now continue her career pathway to further success.


Douglas - SQW GLT 23

Throughout the past 18 weeks of the program Douglas Hoffmann consistently exhibited an exceptional work ethic. Doug however, encountered personal challenges that hindered his progress. Apprentices and Trainees Queensland along with his field officer Jaya the community partner and his peers provided unwavering support. With this support Doug was able to overcome these obstacles and embark on a journey of self-improvement, both mentally and professionally during the traineeship. Recognising his dedication and potential, Doug's supervisor Lyndal, offered him a full-time administrator position at his community partner NFP House to start once the program was finished. Doug’s journey over the past 18 weeks of the traineeship has been truly remarkable and gratifying, with his hard work paying off. He is excited and ready for his next adventure into his fulltime employment, this SQW traineeship has provided him with the tools and confidence he needed to keep progressing.

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