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Women In Leadership

Yesterday, the ATQLD team had the privilege of engaging in the remarkable Women in Leadership Program hosted within the heart of Gladstone. The program is making significant strides, with its second session held just yesterday at the esteemed Gladstone Engineering Alliance office.

At its essence, the Women in Leadership Program stands as a guiding light of opportunity and empowerment. Our objective is unequivocal: to foster and amplify the diverse forms of women's leadership potential. Collaborating with esteemed organizations such as Manufacturing Queensland, Integreat Queensland, The Guinea Group (TGG), Gladstone Industry Leadership Group, Gladstone Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Gladstone Engineering Alliance, we are steadfast in our efforts to ensure that diversity and inclusivity are not mere catchphrases but the very foundations of success within our region.

Our initiative is geared towards fostering connections, mentorships, and partnerships, encouraging women from all walks of life, regardless of background or age, to embrace leadership and contribute their invaluable perspectives to society.

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