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Biloela Annual Awards 2023! ✨

Congratulations to all the Apprentices and Trainees nominated for the 2023 Biloela ATQLD Awards. We would also like to thank the host companies, families and friends who came to support. A special thank you to Mayor Neville Ferrier for coming to support.

Congratulations to the winning Apprentices. You all have been recognised for your dedication and commitment to your apprenticeship. You should all be extremely proud of yourselves.

1st year

Charlie Doidge - Batchfire Resources

2nd year

Finn Hedges - Batchfire Resources

3rd year

George Fitzpatrick - Anglo American Dawson

4th year

Dylan Coulson - Batchfire Resources

ATQLD Safety Award

Cooper Carr - Batchfire Resources

Mentor of the Year

Grant Muirhead - Batchfire Resources

Lastly thank you to The Biloela Hotel for providing an amazing space and awesome food.

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