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We are committed to reducing our environmental impacts by recognising the highest contributing factors and actively working on ways to reduce these.

Since beginning this journey in 2021, we have been working to reduce CO2 fuel emissions among our fleet vehicles and are working to reduce roadside air pollution.

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In the past year, we have introduced new recycling initiatives across our locations to encourage recycling. We have managed to save a whopping 406kg of rubbish from entering landfills.

More than one-third of our emissions come from electricity consumption, so we can make huge emissions reductions by increasing the energy efficiency of our businesses. In the last year, we have added solar panels to our head office location which has halved our environmental output.

1 tree makes 16 packs of paper


1 pack is equal to 6% of each tree.

This adds up quickly!

While our office deals with many documents on a daily basis we have virtually reduced our carbon paper footprint to zero through electronic document controls.

More on the Restoring Australia Project here:

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