ATQLD Apprentices invited to National WorldSkills competition

Guthrie (Gus) Maynard commenced and completed his Diesel Fitting Apprenticeship at Batchfire Callide Mine. 05/01/2016-03/01/2020. While completing his Senior Year at St Brendan’s Gus applied and was successful in his application for an apprenticeship through us, to be hosted by Batchfire. Gus lives on a beef production property and helps out when not at work.

Gus was the recipient of GAGAL Award for 3rd Year Diesel Fitter 2018;

4th Year Diesel Fitter 2019; Regional Worldskills Gold Medallist 2019 and

was nominated and received an Award from Rotary in their Annual Pride

of Workmanship Awards 2019.


On completion of his Apprenticeship, Gus was offered and accepted a

three months Post Placement as a Tradesman at Batchfire Callide Mine

after which he intended to travel overseas. The National Worldskills 

competition which was to be held this year meant Gus would have had

to make a decision as to whether he delayed his travel overseas or

returned to Australia to compete at National level.

Due to COVID, the decision was taken out of his hands with all travel off.

That also meant that National competition was postponed. Gus was then

offered an extension by Batchfire of Post Placement which he completed

on 30th June 2021. He is now employed with a Contractor who services the Mining Industry.

The National Worldskills will now be held in Perth WA in late April early May 2021.


Callum Turner completed his Senior Schooling at Biloela State High school and was successful in applying for a Diesel Fitting Apprenticeship through us and Hosted by Anglo American Dawson Mine. He commenced on 08/02/2016 and completed on 09/11/2019 – a couple of months early. He was then offered a Contract Employment position at Anglo American Dawson Mine where he is still currently employed.


                                                                                    In 2019 Callum was a finalist in GAGAL 4th Year Diesel Fitting                                                                                                 Apprenticeship Award. Callum also completed in Regional                                                                                                      Worldskills and was awarded the Silver Medal with very small                                                                                                margin behind the Gold Medallist.


                                                                                   You could say a quiet achiever. Callum certainly grew in confidence                                                                                      and ability over the time of his apprenticeship and became a valued                                                                                     member of the workforce.

                                                                                    Callum has been invited and accepted to compete in the National                                                                                              Worldskills to be held in Perth WA late April early May 2021.

                                                                                  We are so proud of the boys and their efforts and we wish them the                                                                                         best of luck at the National Finals.

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